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Fuzzy Authentication System Based Mobile Phone Sensors for Mobile Phone Communications

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Smartphones are increasingly entering people’s life and currently the number of Smartphone users has surpassed the number of personal computers. The rapid growing of mobile devices is due to their low cost and especially to the different technological advancements that have made it possible to find out that the greater part of the Smartphones is built with built-in sensors that provide more and more data available in order to create a very large number of innovate applications very attractive for users. In this paper, a new approach for mobile user identification based on fuzzy logic using some built in mobile motion sensors such as Accelerometer Gyroscope is presented. This technique allows then Smartphone and the network to recognize the owner by being up to date with his behaviors. The focus here is to use the embedded sensors like the accelerator sensor and the rotation sensor in order to control and interact with the new authentication system called SAuth. Sensors based authentication is difficult to attack and does not require deploying additional hardware because accelerator sensors and gyroscope are available on most of Smartphones.
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Authentication; Smartphone; Sensors; Motion; Security; Fuzzy Logic

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