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Design and Simulation of a 1×2 Dual Band Array Antenna for Medical Monitoring Systems

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The pre-hospital emergency systems have recently experienced a spectacular evolution thanks to the achieve development in the wireless communication technologies. These systems can provide remote monitoring of patients through the exchange of information between the emergency team and the hospital or the attending physician. They thus allow sending urgent medical data and receive the set of medical acts to practice, with the aim to offer a good emergency patient care during the transportation. This work focuses on the design and simulation of an array antenna dedicated to these systems, the proposed antenna is a dual band array antenna based on a single band individual antenna. The two designed antennas can be integrated in medical monitoring systems using many technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee (2.4 GHz), and WiMAX (3.5 GHz) to transmit data between different entities wirelessly, for medical purposes.
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WiFi; Bluetooth; ZigBee; WiMAX; Patch Antenna; Array

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