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UWB Patch Antenna with Composite Dielectric Substrate for Subcutaneous Biomedical Sensing

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An ultra-wideband patch antenna intended as the front end of microwave imaging sensor is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna is meant for subcutaneous biomedical applications as thermal radiation measurements. Sensors for health applications can always gain from improved matching techniques when placed in direct contact with human tissue. While sensors commonly utilize dielectric gel as the coupling material, the novelty of the proposed antenna consists of the fact that instead of an external matching medium, the antenna incorporates the matching capability in its structure. The proposed antenna has a complex porous substrate structure enriched with conductive-dielectric fluid and metallic rods yielding the proper characteristics in order to reduce the impedance mismatching when in direct contact to the human body. Moreover it has the low profile and the small volume needed for medical imaging applications. Measurements of the electrical characteristics are in good agreement with the simulated ones and they validate the proposed design.
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Health Applications; Microwave Biomedical Sensors; Patch Antenna; Ultra-Wide Band Characteristics

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