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Mutual Coupling Reduction in 4×1 Array Antennas Using Mushroom-Like Structures

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Microstrip patch antennas are widely used in Telecommunication systems, because of their low manufacturing cost and low weight, but they have some disadvantages such as, low gain. For a long distance communication, antennas with very high gain are suitable. An easier way to improve the gain is a conception with array configuration, but the disadvantage of this design is the appearance of strong mutual coupling, which is a major drawback of this kind of antennas. The use of Electromagnetic Band Gap structures can reduce or suppress surface waves, then reducing the mutual coupling. This paper describes the use of Mushroom-like structures 4×1 to reduce mutual coupling between radiating elements. The effect of these structures is studied and demonstrated by plotting variations of return loss and transmission coefficient versus frequency, surface current and E-field distributions of the proposed array antennas are also investigated. Simulation results are performed with High Frequency Structural Simulator.
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Microstrip Patch Antenna; Radio Frequency Identification Reader; Radiation Pattern; Return Loss; High Frequency Structural Simulator; Array Patch Antennas; Surface Waves; Mutual Coupling; Mushroom-Like Structures; Electromagnetic Band Gap; Transmission Co

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