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Experimental Validation of Receiver Sensitivity for 100-Mbps Data Rates in Seawater by Using 2.4 GHz-Low-Power Electronics

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This paper presents an experimental validation of the receiver sensitivity for 100-Mbps microwave data communications in a typical subsea environment. It is demonstrated that underwater microwave-based pinless connector solutions can perform under conditions that have not been explored until now. Traditional “pinned” subsea wet-mate connectors require precise rotational and angular alignment to achieve efficient and reliable connections. The demonstrated flexibility offered by pinless connection shows clear operational and reliability advantages. In this study, experimental works are based on a simple loop antenna fabricated on PCB FR4 substrate under typical subsea boundary conditions. Measurement results show that high data throughputs of 100 Mbps are achieved at 2.4 GHz with a receiver sensitivity of -60 dBm, using optimized regular antennas. In addition, maximum data throughputs are attained for seawater gaps of about 40 mm.
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Propagation Measurements; Subsea; 2.4 GHz Band; Pinless Connectors; Underwater Contactless Connectors

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