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Antennas and Arrays for 60 GHz High Data Rate Wireless Applications

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The 60 GHz band has approximately 7 GHz bandwidth with the frequency range 57-64 GHz worldwide. This band is unlicensed and the research for this band is going on very rapidly since last few years. This paper presents the technical review of high data rate 60 GHz technology and the development of antennas and arrays for 60 GHz applications. The paper covers the introduction to 60 GH  bands for various regions. The advantages, the disadvantages and the potential applications of 60 GHz technology are discussed. The detailed propagation characteristics of 60 GHz band are presented and analyzed. Based upon analysis of the propagation characteristics of 60 GHz band, the requirements for antenna design are discussed. The antennas and the arrays design along with the challenges in antenna and array design for 60 GHz technology are presented. The detailed review of various types of 60 GHz antennas and arrays such as high gain antennas, 60 GHz antenna arrays, switched beam array systems, phased array systems etc are discussed and analyzed. Performance comparison of various antennas and arrays is also presented in this paper. The presented 60 GHz technology introduction, propagation characteristics analysis, antenna design types, parameters analysis, challenges etc are helpful in the antennas and arrays design for 60 GHz high data rate wireless systems.
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60 GHz Technology; 60 GHz Band; Antenna and Array Design

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