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Wireless Networks and Security Algorithms for Efficient Data Encryption in Smart Healthcare

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Wireless sensor networks are encompassed with diversity tools of information technology which is widely applied in several domains including military surveillance, weather forecasting, earthquake forecasting and healthcare. Strengthened grounds are always developed for wireless sensor networks, which usually emerge security issues during professional application. Thus, essential technological tools are necessary to be assessed for a secured aggregation of data. Aggregation of encrypted data has been assessed through homomorphic stream cipher to assure its effectiveness. Methods: An experimental design has been incorporated, which utilized newly developed cipher along with CPU constrained devices. Modulation techniques have also been employed to evaluate the nature of aggregated data. Homomorphic stream cipher has been recognized as a simple and secure process, which has allowed efficient aggregation of encrypted data. Statistical values can be easily computed through the aggregation on the basis of selected cipher. The captured data from a healthcare industry, in accordance with variance, mean, and standard deviation has also been computed through the selected tool. It can be concluded that homomorphic stream cipher can be an ideal tool for appropriate aggregation of data.
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Aggregation; Cipher; Healthcare; Homomorphic Stream; Encryption

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