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Study, Simulation and Optimization of an 8×1 Array Antenna for Electronic Scanning Radar Application

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The need of detecting targets in different positions has become very important. Nowadays, the electronic scanning radars ensure this functionality by using electronic devices instead of mechanical ones. The major key of this type of radars is the antenna array which is the subject of this paper. The conception details are given for both the single radiating element and the 8-element linear antenna array operating at 3 GHz frequency.  The structure is printed on a FR-4 substrate with a dielectric constant of =4.3. After analyzing the simulation results, authors deduced a low performance of the antenna array because of some limitations which are detailed in this paper. Hence, the design of the array antenna is optimized using the air gap technique between the FR-4 layer and the ground plane giving thereby good results and efficiency at the operating frequency. Both the designs and the simulations of this study are performed under the Advanced Design System (ADS) tool. The simulated results include the VSWR, the return loss, the gain and the directivity.
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Advanced Design System; Air Gap; Array Antennas; Electronic Scanning Radar; FR-4; Microstrip Patch Antenna

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