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Comparative Analysis of Microstrip Transmission Lines for Various Dielectric Constants and MLINs

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With the analysis of various microstrip designs, it has been discovered that the microstrip typically operates at a few GHz due to high power losses at higher frequencies. Hence this research work focuses on the development of a microstrip transmission line that is able to produce an acceptable performance at 9 GHz. In this research work, the analysis of the microstrip transmission line with respect to various dielectric constants and various MLIN components has been compared. Theory pertaining to the microstrip, as well as its various relevant parameters has been analysed. Simulations have been conducted and analyses of the scattering parameter have been undertaken w.r.t. reflection coefficients, transmission coefficients and characteristic impedance. Two designs have been considered, which uses dielectric constant of 9.8 and 4.0. Both designs include the three types of structures such as one MLIN, two MLINs, and three MLINs. Further, the most promising design has been selected for optimization which involves the tuning with width, height and length to obtain the better possible performance.
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Dielectric Constant; Microstrip Antenna; Scattering Parameters; Printed Circuits; Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICS); Electronic Devices

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