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Multi-Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Meandered Stub-Stepped Impedance Resonators for Multiband Application

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This paper proposes a multi-wideband bandpass filter (MW-BPF) using meandered stub-stepped impedance resonators (MS-SIR). This research shows that MS-SIR resonator can not only generate five-pass bands, but it also yields wide-fractional bandwidth, good transmission coefficients, and ease of fabrication. A transmission line analysis was used to design and to investigate the filter structure. Furthermore, this filter was fabricated on a FR4 substrate having a  size of 0.08 (G × 0.14 (G, with (G as the wavelength at the first resonant frequency. The MW-BPF achieves the following transmission coefficients/ fractional bandwidth: -0.84 dB / 42.5 %, -1.36 dB / 21.49 %, -1.85 dB / 14.95 %, -2.12 dB / 10.69 %, and -2.11 dB / 6.02%, at 0.44 GHz, 0.88 GHz, 1.30 GHz, 1.77 GHz, and 2.15 GHz, respectively. This filter can be applied to DVB-T400, GSM800/GSM900, GPS1200, WCDMA1800, and LTE2100. The validity of the proposed design has been shown by the good agreement between the simulation and measurement results.
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Bandpass Filter; Meandered; Stepped Impedance Resonators; Wideband

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