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Comparative Study Between Radial Basis Function and Temporal Neuron Network Basic in Cardiac Arrhythmia

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Cardiac activity is one of the most important determinants of a patient's condition. It results in the appearance of several waves during the Electrocardiography (ECG). The analysis of the ECG signal and the identification of its parameters constitute an essential step for diagnosis. However, a set of methods and algorithms are developed in view of the importance of this signal and its use in clinical routine in the diagnosis of cardiac pathological cases. This paper fits into this problem and proposes two classifiers (RBF, TNN) of cardiac arrhythmias through the application of neural networks. The results were validated by ECG signals from different patients in MIT-BIH Arrhythmias database, and given a recognition rate exceeding the results obtained in literature.
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ECG; RBF; Neuron Network; Classification; MIT-BIH Database

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