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Graphene Logo Patch Antenna

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Graphene with its unique electrical, mechanical and physical properties provides a platform for novel electronic systems design. A compact patch Logo antenna based on doped Graphene is proposed for its operation within GHz range. Various antenna parameters such as S11 parameter, Bandwidth, Gain, Directivity and Efficiency are obtained and compared with results obtained from a copper conductive patch antenna. The designed antenna is an elliptical shape patch with the dimension of 25×16 mm and is designed over 1.6 mm thick polyimide substrate to provide the flexibility required for a wide range of applications, from wearable to medical electronics. Various parametric plots for Graphene such as dispersion diagram, conductivity as a function of its DC bias, surface impedance and comparison of skin depth with copper conductive media have been obtained for its inclusion in a 3D field solver tool. Finally a spice circuit has been obtained for the S11 parameter of the graphene and copper conductive patch antenna for its 3D field solver equivalence.
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Antenna; Copper; GHz; Graphene; Logo; Patch; Spice

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