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An Enhanced Cross-Layer Approach Based on Fuzzy-Logic for Securing Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks from Black Hole Attacks

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Black holes attack in wireless ad-hoc networks can obstruct network functions, e.g.; successful packets delivery ratio to destinations. Current conventional detection mechanisms are based on single layer information, lack of appropriate performance metrics, and/or the adequate accuracy. In this paper, a new cross-layer Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is proposed, in order to mitigate the black hole attack in wireless ad-hoc networks. The proposed work modifies ad-hoc routing protocol for black hole attacks detection through extracting information from different OSI layers, and use these information as inputs into the fuzzy logic system, in which the algorithm precisely detects existing malicious nodes. Using NS2 simulation tool, a comprehensive simulation is conducted in order to compare our proposed approach performance with a recent cross layer-based approach for black hole intrusion detection. Simulation results reveal that our proposed system has a tremendous accuracy in detecting black holes with an acceptable additional overhead. Our proposed IDS outperforms studied IDS in terms of successful packet delivery ratio (PDR).
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Black Hole Attack; Cross-Layer; Fuzzy Logic; Intrusion Detection System; Security; Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

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