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A High Security Communication System Based on Chaotic Scrambling and Chaotic Masking

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This paper presents an efficient and high security communication system developed on two encryption levels based on chaotic systems. The first level is chaotic scrambling, while the second level is chaotic masking. This configuration increases information security since the key space becomes too large. The results of the simulations illustrate that the Segmental Spectral Signal to Noise Ratio (SSSNR)of the first level (scrambling) is reduced by -5.195 dB with respect to Time Domain Scrambling. In the second chaotic level(masking), the SSSNR is reduced by -20.679 dB. It is also shown that, when the two levels are combined, the overall reduction obtained is -21.755dB.
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Chaos; Security; Chaotic; Encryption; Scrambling and Masking

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