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Enhanced AODV to an End-To-End Connectivity in a Smart City Based on Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

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In recent years, VANET Networks have been amongst the most research fields worldwide, due to its daily interaction with people's life and the existing intelligent systems services. The Smart Cities represent one of the main users of this network, they identify and deploy VANETs as a network capable of reducing the overhead on the networks with installed infrastructures. VANETs benefit multiple services deployed in the city by reducing their time of operation. Related research in this field have illustrated the importance of the opportunistic network connectivity it offers within the city. Whereas some researches still focus on the improvement they may offer to control the traffic and improve the road safety. Other researches define how the integration of the VANET Networks within the Smart Cities comply to a more connected city. Due to VANETs being capable of reaching far points in the city. In this paper, we focus on the connectivity between two end-users for short communication time, using an enhanced AODV routing protocol for VANET Networks in the context of Smart Cities. Based on the prediction of vehicles movements and regular routes. We focus on the enhancement of the communication connectivity, and also, we improve the End-to-End delays between the end users, while reducing the overhead of routing packets in the network, and improving the network's quality of service.
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Smart City; Vehicular Network; VANETs; AODV; RTTL-AODV

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