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Congestion Minimizing Scheme for Enhanced Data Aggregation in ZigBee-Based SG AMI Network

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It is envisaged that the multi-directional communication of end user’s energy consumption data in a smart grid advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network needed for billing and other grid controlled purposes will raise concerns about the potential violations of the privacy of end users’ personal data. Preserving the privacy of consumers can be achieved by designing robust and resilient AMI communication architectures with state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and data aggregation protocols. However, research has shown that these aggregation protocols can result in a congestive network scenario in the absence of a proper congestion management scheme. Unfortunately, there is no efficient mechanism for congestion management in the current ZigBee standard. In this paper, a well-designed Ring Triangulation Communication Architecture (RTCA) is utilized in our congestion minimizing scheme for enhancing data aggregation in a ZigBee based SG AMI network. The RTCA is implemented with a well-constructed ZigBee data and its aggregation algorithms. The average throughput and latency results from our scheme indicates a significant reduction in transmission congestion as well as traffic overheads incurred during message aggregation relative to the congestion control schemes (ZCCF and ZTCC) proposed in the literature.
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Advanced Metering Infrastructure; Congestion Control; Congestion Minimizing Scheme; Ring Triangulation Communication Architecture; Smart Grid; Smart Meter

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