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Analysis of Digital X-Ray for Mapping of Pixel Values Using MATLAB Image Processing Tool

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The X-ray is captured to diagnose diseases. The accurate diagnosis of bone fractures is indeed an important aspect for doctors. Digital x-ray images help to provide appropriate treatments. X-ray images are normally used for bone fracture analysis, but sometimes x-ray does not help in diagnosing the disease because of noise in the image or blurring images. The aim of this paper is to develop a digital x-ray system based on image processing, which gives a quick and accurate size of the ball diameter, the neck length and the angle of hip implant to create precise 3D models of orthopedic implants. In this research paper, x-ray images have been subjected to various degrees of noise reduction and compression, the quality to provide accurate results has been measured.
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Image Processing; Detector; Photographic Film; MRI; Noise; DICOM 1

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