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Adaptive Distance-Based Broadcasting Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Several studies investigated and stressed the benefits of broadcast communications, however, broadcasting in MANETs, still poses many challenges. Due to the lack of fixed infrastructure in MANETs, broadcasting is an important operation for nodes in the network. Even though blind flooding is a very simple type of broadcasting technique, this method is mainly ineffective and lacks efficient resource utilization. To overcome the blind flooding deficiency, several schemes have been proposed. Distance-based broadcasting techniques are based on the relative distance between the node and its neighboring nodes. In general, distance-based techniques are based on fixed thresholds, which results in inappropriate behavior in various operating conditions. In this paper, we propose a dynamic threshold distance scheme and examine its performance under several conditions. Also, we focused on the impact of dynamic distance threshold value on the performance of the distance-based technique using extensive simulation experiments which were conducted under various network conditions. The obtained results indicate that the proposed protocol outperforms both fixed distance and blind flooding methods in terms of overheads, normalized routing load, end-to-end delay, and the packet delivery ratio.
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Broadcast; MANETs; Flooding; Distance-Based Broadcasting; Reachability

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