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Railroad Track Maintenance Device

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Railway track inspection systems play a crucial role in maintaining railway networks safe and to avoid dangerous accidents. In developing countries like India and Africa, most of these inspections are carried out manually. This is done by trained railway employees walking along the track with the equipment in search of defects. Its status is then written down in a report. This operation structure is not viable because of the amount of time required, its accuracy and absence of objectives. Enhancements for the current manual inspection process are possible by using advanced sensors and embedded systems. The implemented system is designed to automatically inspect the tilt angle, the space between the tracks and the distance covered during the inspection. The system captures data from the sensors which are placed on the axle of the rail inspection car. The data readings are processed through a microcontroller and are recorded in metric units. The system simultaneously displays data on an LCD panel in real time.
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Track Maintenance; Digital Inspection

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