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Secure Cloud Based Storage System with De-Duplication and Compression

Sukruti Bhimrao Gajare(1*), Rubeena A. Khan(2)

(1) Department of Computer Engineering, Modern Education Society’s College of Engineering, Pune, India
(2) Department of Computer Engineering, Modern Education Society’s College of Engineering, Pune, India
(*) Corresponding author



Nowadays, cloud-based storage systems are becoming important for storing heavy-sized data files. Several complicated conditions occur while designing low complicated and an effective storage engine for cloud-based systems. The major problems are meta-data size, latency in uploading and downloading, heavy-sized files process, parallel input and output, de-duplication, created distribution nature and high scalability. Key value stores play a vital role in the proposed design as they give the answer to problems. This paper concerns storage for backing files, a Cloud based storage System that attempts to solve most of the issues on a key value store. This paper presents the proposed architecture having a low complicated design, parallel input and output and distributed file system. For storing heavy-sized files of nearly terabytes of information and data file, the Cloud based storage System is built.
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Distributed Storage System; Big File; Cloud Storage Service; Data Deduplication; Compression; Key Value Store

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