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An Efficient Congestion Control by Fair Bandwidth Allocation Scheme Using AQM and HTC Protocol

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In complex networks like today’s Internet, the differentiated services architecture guarantees to provide Quality of Service through service differentiation and scalability as well. Along with congestion control, traffic shaping is an important component of this framework. This ultimately will help in finding the better solution to avoid any congestion in the network. This article represents a scheme of stateless Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithms which will allocate the bandwidth to each node present in the network as per its need. It is the important research problem of distributing fair bandwidth allocation among the users or nodes within a network. This paper discusses the good-put of algorithms and the communication delay of the HTC scheme along with several AQM algorithms. This helps to show that it can be allowed fairness algorithms with bounded thresholds to maintain per-flow state if required. The router should always maintain each state information if a state-full AQM scheme is being used. Then,the paper refers to a scheme called Harvest-Then-Co operate(HTC) to demonstrate and to approximate the per-flow state for calculating the bandwidth need for the corresponding network in its representative scenarios, which may have responsive as well as non responsive flows. The architecture of the corresponding system has been validated by using a packet level simulation.
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AQM Schemes; Fair Bandwidth Sharing; Feedback Mechanism; Unfairness

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