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Design, Simulation and Experiment of a Backfire Bifilar Helix Antenna for Use in S-Band Communication with a Lower Earth Orbit Satellite

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Nowadays most of the Satellites are used for Radio Communication. There are so many types of Satellites, among them Low Earth Orbit type of Satellites are the most useful type of Satellites because they are used for Photograph, Telecommunication, Scientific and Military applications. In Military applications, especially for Submarine based Communication with LEO Satellites, a dual band or multi band antenna is required and the gain should be maximum in the directions of the maximum path loss. The back fire bifilar helix antenna is the most suitable for this requirement because this antenna can provide multi-band characteristics and gain by setting of the parameters like number of turns, diameter and width of the wire elements. Moreover this antenna has the advantages such as high efficiency, a convenient size at S- band and extreme simplicity. In this paper a backfire bifilar helix antenna is proposed and designed at a center frequency of S-band Satellite Communication. The designed antenna will be simulated, measured and analyzed for various characteristics like VSWR, Gain, Axial ratio and Radiation patterns at the transmitting and receiving frequencies of the S-band Satellite Communication.
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Backfire Bifilar Helix Antenna; S-Band Communication; LEO Satellite Communication; Submarine-Based Multifunction of Mast Mounted Antenna

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