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Performance Enhancement of an Inset Fed Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Periodic Defected Ground Structure and EBG Superstrates for Applications in the Millimeter Wave Band

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The aim of this work is to enhance the intrinsic performance of a circular microstrip patch antenna, using two optimization techniques, widely used nowadays in antenna field, due to their promising features of improving gain, directivity, and return loss. The first one consists on incorporating a periodic DGS (Defected ground Structure) in the ground plane of the proposed antenna , while the second method involve adding double EBG dielectric superstrate atop of the patch. The proposed antenna is designed to operate in the millimeter wave band, more exactly at 30GHz, formulated using cavity model, and its behavior has been explained using an EM-simulator, based on finite element method: HFSSv15(High Frequency Structure Simulator).
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Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna; DGS Structure; Millimeter Wave; EHF Band; Inset Fed; EBG; Dielectric Superstrate

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