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A Wideband V-Shaped Coplanar Patch Antenna for 2-6 GHz Designed for Energy Harvesting and Wireless Communications

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This article portrays a compact wideband coplanar-fed V-shaped antenna. It has been designed for harvesting energy from wireless local area networks (IEEE 802.11) and other wireless communication systems covering the 2–6 GHz frequency band. The Structure of this antenna comprises a rectangular patch and an isosceles trapezoid. A V-shaped slot is introduced on the rectangular patch in order to perturb the surface current path which contributes to the formation of the wide-band characteristics. A trapezoid is inserted between the coplanar feed and the patch for the purpose of impedance matching and resonance shifting. A parametric study has been carried out to understand the effects of various dimensional parameters and to optimize the performance of the antenna. The measurement results which are in agreement with Ansoft HFSS simulation results, showed an agreeable bandwidth and satisfactory characteristics for omnidirectional radiation.
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Wideband Antenna; Omnidirectional Antenna; Rectenna; Coplanar Feed; Harvesting Energy

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