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A Flexible Wearable Antenna for Location Tracking Applications

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A compact planar wearable antenna has been modelled, fabricated and measured using a flexible polyimide film with copper clad laminate. The design exploits the bowtie design principle and geometrical miniaturization techniques to achieve the dimensions of 0.2 λ × 0.13 λ for λ of the GPS L1 carrier. The antenna changes its polarization discrimination to suit a linearly or circularly polarized signal by varying its physical configuration. The antenna is intended for a wearable device. It is enclosed in a customised strap and interfaced with a GPS receiver to evaluate time-to-first-fix in practical outdoor conditions. The design is easy to integrate with general purpose GPS receivers and does not rely on a noisy ground plane shared with a digital circuitry. It has a radiation efficiency of 98% in modelled free space.
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Dipole; Miniaturization; Wearable Antenna; Flexible; Polarization

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