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A Secure Gateway Discovery Protocol Using Rabin Signature Scheme in MANET

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Mobile ad hoc network is a compilation of various mobile nodes that form the network temporarily and then communicate with each other. The integration of the MANET with the internet enhances the network area and increases the application field of MANET. Different techniques have been proposed for the internet and MANET integration but they mostly work in non-conflicting environment. Due to the congestion in the network, malicious nodes misbehave in the route discovery process. Therefore, integrated internet MANET will not be prevailing without a feasible security solution due to energy constraint and wireless link. In this paper, a secure gateway discovery protocol is proposed that uses sign encryption mechanism that ensures confidentiality goal in heterogeneous environments. Registration process was included to remove the malicious nodes. The proposed protocol removes the threat of anti-confidentiality, anti – authentication and anti - duplication. The efficiency of this protocol is shown through AVISPA tool.
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Mobile Ad Hoc Network; Gateway Discovery Approach; Secure Gateway Discovery Protocol; Analytical Model; Comparison Analysis

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