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Conception of a Malleable Multiband Antenna Using RF MEMS Varactors for WIMAX802.16d and X Band

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An original and dynamic multi-band CPW-fed antenna with two U notch slots is conceived throughout this paper. Each slot holds a MEMS Varactor. According to the state of these variable capacitors a Single or a Dual-Band can be obtained to cover a range of frequencies in IEEE802.16d (2-11GHz) and X band. The proposed antenna of total area equal to 25.6×27.9mm2 is successfully conceived and simulated by using ADS momentum, it is mounted over a low permittivity substrate of Taconic TL6 with 1.6mm thickness and dielectric loss tangent of 0.0019. The return loss, radiation pattern, power radiation, bandwidths have been presented and discussed. Additionally, in order to determine the needed pull-down voltages, a mechanical study of the used MEMS Varactors has been presented, along with the implemented of high resistive DC bias lines of SiCr with Rbias=10kΩ/sq to activate varactors.
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