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Determination of Key Parameters to Perform Adequate Monitoring of the Electrocardiogram in a Wireless Sensor Network

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In this paper, we present a new method to determine the appropriate values of the key parameters that effect electrocardiogram transmission within a wireless sensor network based on the IEEE 802.15.4. This wireless network protocol was chosen due to its advantages seen in the medical field. The main network parameters, considered in this paper, are the number of sensor nodes, the number of frames sent per second and the payload size. Since enhancing one parameter leads to degrading the others, we need therefore to search for the adequate values that guarantee correct electrocardiogram transmission. There is no direct method to precisely set the values of these parameters, the reason why we used simulation. During this study, we conduct several tests using different scenarios by evaluating the effect of varying the values of the three cited parameters on the network based on several performance metrics, such as reliability, waiting time and throughput. The obtained results show that the proposed parameter values provide good compromise to correctly transmit the electrocardiogram through the selected wireless sensor network.
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Electrocardiogram; Wireless Sensor Network; IEEE 802.15.4; Medical Field

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