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Assuring Integrity for Data in Transit in Real-Time Data-Warehousing Systems

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The process of decision-making becomes more and more complicated with the increasing amount of data flowing between operational information systems and data-warehouses. The challenge is how to reflect a holistic view of the existing activity, but also to provide a reliable prediction of its future evolution in an area where real time data is gaining more ground. Therefore, the decision relevance depends on both the freshness and the integrity of the data in use. However, as the experience has shown, heavy assurance of security affects negatively the system performance, which goes against the real-time requirement. This paper sheds light on the potential integrity issues facing data in transit within a real-time data-warehousing environment, and introduces a new model that helps to ensure the integrity throughout a given real-time data-warehousing system.
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Data-Warehouse; Data in Transit; Decision-Making; Integrity; Real-Time

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