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Effects of Load Distribution on Indoor Power Line Communication

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In this paper, we discuss the dependence of the insertion gain between two modems upon the distribution of the loads on the network. The results are deduced from a propagation model applied to a three-wire line configuration and in the presence of one or two branches. The impedances presented by different classes of household appliances are modeled by equivalent electrical circuits, available in the literature. The insertion gain and the Shannon capacity of the link are studied both with and without the presence of the branches. The results of a statistical approach are also described; these are based on numerous observations by randomly choosing the distribution of the loads on the network and the length of one of the two branches. Lastly, the cumulative distribution functions of the coherence bandwidth and of the root mean square delay spread are given.
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Capacity; Channel Modeling; Coherence Bandwidth; In-Home Power Line Communication; RMS Delay Spread

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