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Explicit Design Methodology of Microstrip Antenna for Breast Tissue Tumor Detection

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Antennas have long been used in several medical applications. We propose an explicit design methodology, of a microstrip antenna that can be placed in contact with human breast tissue. An FR4 dielectric material, is used to fabricate two types of patch antennas; one with a central stub and transmission line feed and another with an optimum offset combination. Our measured results show a lower resonant return loss of -37.5 dB with a real human breast contact, compared to -24 dB, with a fabricated, 8 facet cone phantom. The extra power range could provide a higher sensitive detection for any deviation in εr and σ of normal skin, due to possible abnormalities like tumors. Furthermore, our design shows explicit values of Zin which changes from a high 750 Ω value to a low 23 Ω value, upon skin contact. Such low Zin value can then be optimized, by moving the central transmission feed, off the patch edge center to bring it up to a matching 50 Ω SMP feed connector. Our design methodology provides optimum control of the required feed matching conditions in a microstrip antenna with skin contact.
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Microstrip Antenna; Offset Feed; Breast Tissue; Tumor Detection

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