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Filter Bank Block Cipher and LSB Based Steganography for Secure Data Exchange

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The transmission of information over a non-secure channel is considered a critical problem. The problem appears due to the existing of many attackers that try to reveal the information. Therefore, it is important to have a secure algorithm to protect the information. Different algorithms can be combined to provide the security of information. In this paper, two techniques are combined together to increase the level of security. Filter bank and XOR and addition modulo 28 block cipher is used to encrypt the information. Then, the encrypted information is passed through another security layer, which hides the encrypted information over a cover image using least significant bit (LSB) based steganography. This combination provides the security level, where the filter bank block cipher provides security, scalability, low complexity and speed. Also LSB based steganography provides security, low complexity, and speed.  The proposed algorithm is evaluated using several security analysis methods, such as, peak signal noise ratio (PSNR) analysis and histogram method. The simulation and security analysis results show that the proposed algorithm is secure and can enhance the level of security.
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Filter Bank; Least Significant Bit; Block Ciphr; Steganography; Histogram; PSNR

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