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High Data Rate Scheduling Algorithm for Downlink LTE Network

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The increasing demand for network applications particularly for downlink telecommunication has initiated the evolution of cellular systems. 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) mapped out the standard in response to 4G cellular telecommunication “Long Term Evolution” (LTE). LTE uses scheduling algorithm to allocate resources to the users. However, 3GPP specifications do not define scheduling algorithm which asks how resources are allocated in LTE, leaving it open for the service provider to create and hence boost the competitiveness of each product. Many scheduling algorithms have been proposed, but they suffer from performance degradation under prioritized conditions because of the minimum data rate used to determine transmission efficiency. In this work, a new resource allocation algorithm to improve performance in such conditions is proposed. The main idea is to schedule radio resources in a manner corresponding to the significance level of different user data rate. The algorithm allocates resources based on channel condition and maximum data rate requirement. Simulation has been used to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm. Experimental results illustrate that the proposed algorithm achieves high spectral efficiency. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm performs better in terms of fairness, average user throughput, and total sector throughput compared with APAP.
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LTE; QoS; Resource Allocation; Resource Block; Scheduling

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