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Event Tracking Approach Using Overhearing in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless Sensor Networks have been widely used for continuously monitoring the surrounding environment and reporting the change whenever happens. It has been observed that the current practice in temperature monitoring is the use of multi-hop wireless sensor networks, as it does not consumes much of resources for communication. Nonetheless, several issues have been raised in practical wireless sensor networks environments such as overhearing of neighboring transmissions. This paper shows how overhearing can be utilized for tracking dynamic event such as fire. A dynamic event tracking approach is introduced in this paper; it involves two processes, Event Evolution Perceiving process and Event Path Tracking. Event Evolution Perceiving aims at capturing some information from the sensed data packets being relayed by Cluster Heads and overheard by the surrounding sensors. Event Path Tracking utilizes the information captured during Event Evolution Perceiving for tracking the evolution of the event. The proposed approach is verified and validated theoretically and through simulation. It was found that the proposed approach achieves its design objectives effectively.
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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN); Wireless Overhearing; Environmental Sensing; Event Monitoring; Event Tracking

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