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Compliance to Broadcast Standards of Patented Broadcast Antennas: the Circularly Polarized Antenna

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Basic antennas in used today in FM broadcast antenna systems were developed at times where powerful computers are not yet available to do numerical computations on antenna performance. This paper aims to determine the compliance of a popular FM broadcast antenna to broadcast standards. Specifically, the paper presents the compliance of a broadcast antenna registered in the US patent office in 1970 on the requirements on bandwidth, polarization components and the circularity of the azimuth radiation pattern. The discussion on the compliance of the antenna under consideration to these standards is based on the results of the numerical analyses and computations using a reliable simulation antenna software. Based on the results, the antenna under consideration does not meet all of the standards. There is still a need for some adjustments in the structure of the antenna under consideration for it to satisfy the requirements stated above and at the same time optimize its performance.
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FM Broadcast Antenna; Bay; Circular Polarization; Circularly Polarized Antenna; Bandwidth; Broadcast Standard

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