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Design of Low Cross-Polarized Patch Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications

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This paper presents the design of low cross-polarized patch antenna for ultra-wideband applications. Two patch antennas Antenna I and Antenna II are designed for lower frequency band and upper frequency band of ultra-wideband. Both antennas together produce approximately the ultra-wideband operation. The bandwidth of Antenna I is 3.51 GHz to 5.67 GHz and of Antenna II is 5.63 GHz to 9.34 GHz. The overall bandwidth of combined antenna is 3.6 to 9.2 GHz. The radiation pattern of both antennas shows the omnidirectional behavior with sufficient directivity and the cross polarization level is very low. The proposed antenna can be used for ultra-wideband applications.
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Patch Antenna; Cross-Polarization; Ultra-Wideband; Reflection Coefficient

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