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Design and Analysis of Matched Microstrip Line Feed Antenna for Ultra Wide Band Applications

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The design of an antenna which could cover the entire Ultra Wide Band (UWB) range is always a challenging task. It is often considered as a building block. In this paper a novel technique modifying the ground plane with octagonal shaped monopole patch area is considered for UWB applications. The proposed antenna operates from 2.9GHz to 11.8GHz.The antenna is fabricated on FR-4 substrate with a relative dielectric constant of 4.4 and a thickness of 1.6mm,which is fed by a 50Ω microstrip transmission line. A suitable matching transformer is placed between the feed line and the patch for impedance matching purpose. In this design a partial ground plane with a notch of optimised dimensions is used to achieve UWB characteristics. The antenna is designed and simulated using Microwave studio. The simulated antenna is thoroughly analyzed for Ultra wide band (UWB) characteristics as well as for other geometric specific features. The parameters like feed line dimensions, matching section dimensions, ground length, notch dimensions and radius affecting the performance of an antenna in terms of frequency domain characteristics are investigated. The proposed antenna is simulated in CST and analysed using several parameters like reflection coefficient, Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and Radiation Patterns.
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UWB; VSWR; DGS (Defected Ground Structure); Radiation Pattern

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