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Nonlinear Behavior Analysis of GaAs PHEMT Transconductance to Design Active Frequency Multipliers

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This paper discusses the nonlinear behavior of the transconductance of a GaAs PHEMT device and its dependence with the harmonic generation. The analytic study and simulations show that when the gate bias is close to the pinch-off voltage, the transconductance is zero and the extracting of the even harmonics occurs, besides, when this bias is around 0 V, the transconductance is maximized and the odd harmonics are generated. As an example to validate this dependence, a frequency quadrupler based on 0.15 μm PHEMT from UMS foundry using ADS software from Agilent is presented in this work.
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PHEMT (Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor); Transconductance; Frequency Multiplier; Harmonic Generation; MMIC Process

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