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The Effectiveness of Random Early Detection in Data Center Transmission Control Protocol-Based Cloud Computing Networks

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Wireless cloud computing environment becomes an important element of Internet. The underlying transport layer protocol in such environment should efficiently deal with high bursty traffic tolerance, presents low delays, and offers high throughput. DCTCP is the common cloud transport protocol that is capable of tackling TCP incast and queue build-up problems. However, its performance is considerably degraded when there are tens of servers responding to one aggregator simultaneously. In this paper, the performance of DCTCP with the utilization of RED queue management mechanism is evaluated. The evaluation results showed that there is a tradeoff in the use of RED. On one hand, RED is not good for short-lived and medium-lived connections as it presents higher completion time delay compared to the normal DCTCP mechanism. On the other hand, it presentsacceptable delay for longlived connections but at the cost of throughput.
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Wireless Cloud Computing Environment; Data Center Networks; DCTCP; RED

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