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Miniaturization of Microwave Bandpass Filter for Wideband Applications

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This paper presents the miniaturize structure of the wideband bandpass filter using quarter-wavelength short circuited stub structure of the 7th order. The filter design was validated using Roger Duroid RO4350 with a dielectric constant of 3.48, tan δ of 0.019 and thickness of 0.508 mm. The conventional bandpass filter is then reorganized using curve bending to miniaturize the overall size while maintaining the performance of the bandpass response. The proposed structure with 65.3% (3.03 to 5.97 GHz) fractional bandwidth is designed, fabricated, and measured. Both simulations and measured results are found to be in good agreement. The measured passband reflection and transmission coefficient is better than 16 dB and 0.5 dB respectively. This type of wideband bandpass filter is very useful to many microwave wideband communication applications, mostly in civilian and military radar applications.
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Chebyshev; Bandpass Filter; Wideband; Fractional Bandwidth

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