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Design and Simulation of Tri-Band Active Automotive Antenna

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Automotive antenna requirements continue to push for smaller, more integrated solutions while maintaining the high performance expected from modern infotainment and multimedia systems. The multitude of antennas placed inside the car comprises of active antenna systems which is capable of receiving multiband frequency signals for receiver systems. In this work, sensitive circuitry Low Noise Amplifier and slotted rectangular patch antenna together constitutes active antenna systems have been designed and simulated as separate units operating at Tri-Band frequency bands of 833 MHz, 1.892GHz, and 2.772 GHz for Personal Cellular Communication and Direct to Home Satellite Television respectively. These separate design units operating with these frequencies can be integrated as Low Noise Active Integrated Antenna which can be implemented for automotive application.Through simulation we show that the results of the proposed designs are in accordance with Tri-Band frequency operation for specified application.
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Low Noise Amplifier; Fractal Slot Rectangular Patch Antenna; Low Noise Active Integrated Antenna

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