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Remote Heartbeat Detection Using Microwave System from Four Positions of a Normally Breathing Patient

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This paper presents a microwave system for the detection of the cardiopulmonary activity. Measurements are performed at different operational frequencies and from different sides of a healthy subject who is breathing normally while sitting at 1 meter from the system. Simultaneously with the microwave system, a PC-based electrocardiograph is used in order to validate the heartbeat rate detection. Cardiopulmonary signals are processed using wavelet transforms in order to extract the heartbeat signal. The obtained results upon using the proposed system show the ability of detecting the cardiopulmonary signals at four sides of the subject, and the signal processing techniques show high accuracy in extracting the heartbeat signal and the heartbeat rate.
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Doppler Radar; Electrocardiograph; Heartbeat Rate; Microwave System; Noncontact Detection

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