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Study and Design of a Hemispherical Reconfigurable Antenna

Salem Gahgouh(1*), Hedi Raggad(2), Ali Gharsallah(3)

(1) Faculté des Sciences de Tunis (FST), University El Manar 1, Tunisia
(2) National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia
(3) Higher School of Telecommunication, Tunisia
(*) Corresponding author



This paper, presents a novel design for a reconfigurable beam-switching antenna operating at 2.45 GHZ (ISM) for the wireless sensor network node. The geometry of this antenna is designed as a hemisphere and composed of three major parts. One is an omnidirectional monopole antenna in the focus of the structure as an excitation source, the second part is a metal hemisphere with three slots and the third part is three diodes centered on slots in order to switch the radiation pattern through it. A slot is chosen with care. When the diode is turned on, it behaves like a short circuit as a small resistance and slot became blocked and when the diode is turned off, it behaves like an open circuit as a very high resistance and the radiation pattern pass throughout the slot. So the radiation pattern of the structure is determined by the number of the off and on state diode. The parameters performance considered in this work is the resonant frequency, return loss, efficiency, bandwidth, radiation pattern, gain and the electromagnetic field of the proposed antenna. All results of the simulations were done by CST Microwave Studio simulation software and validated by HFSS software.
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Beam-Switching; Parameters Performance; WSN; Diode Pin; Slots

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