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Review of Recent Developments in Filtering-Antennas

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In recent years, different filtering antenna topologies have been studied and proposed to meet various objectives of innovative technologies used in modern radar and wireless communication applications. Filtering antenna design is a combination of microwave filter and antenna to achieve radiating and filtering functions within one design. This combination improves the performance and reduces the size. Furthermore, it provides frequency reconfiguration by using active components employed in the design. However, mismatch between the filter and antenna leads to increase the loss. Moreover, increase the number of the active components may influence the radiation characteristic and return loss.  In this review, various design topologies have been summarized and divided into two design approaches: bandpass filter integrated with antenna and bandstop filter integrated with antenna. Active filtering antennas integrated with active tuning/switching devices and passive filtering antennas have been discussed. Examples of each design approach are discussed along with their advantages and challenges. Therefore, this review is useful to understand the current studies of the filtering-antenna design and introduce a suitable design that can be used in modern wireless communication technology.
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Bandpass Filter; Bandstop Filter; Filtering-Antenna; Reconfigurable Antenna; Reconfigurable Filter

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