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Computation of Near-Field and Far-Field Radiation Characteristics of Acoustic Transducers for Underwater Acoustic Imaging

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This paper proposes a novel approach through analytical formulation for the determination of the radiation pattern of acoustic transducers at any arbitrary observation distance which covers both the near-field as well as the far-field. The proposed near-field/far-field analysis is generic and can be applied to a wide variety of acoustic apertures. The radiation pattern of the acoustic transducer at any arbitrary point of observation (both the near-field and far-field) is obtained by the vector summation of the fields radiated by the array of point sources located on the aperture of the acoustic transducer. The validity and novelty of the proposed approach have been proved by treating the far-field as a special case of near-field with the relevant distance criterion. The simulation studies show that near-field radiation patterns of the acoustic transducer exhibit changes in the profile of the amplitude patterns when the distance of observation is varied. The formation of a well-defined main beam of the radiation pattern occurs only after a distance of separation of about R=D2/λ from the radiating aperture. The presented analytical formulation has an attribute of wider generality because of its applicability to a variety of geometrical configurations of the aperture of an acoustic transducer.
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Aperture; Far Field; Near Field; Point Source; Radiation Pattern; Underwater Acoustic Imaging

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