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A Microstrip Rectangle Carpet Shaped Fractal Antenna for UWB Applications

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Recently the microstrip patch antennas (MPA) has evolved into a most dynamic and indigenous field in the arena of UWB demanding low profile and mini antennas with ample frequency choice for ultra wide (UWB) applications. Thus the paper focuses on thorough analysis of a novel rectangular microstrip patch with carpet shaped fractal antenna fed by microstrip line for applications in Ultra- Wideband. The basic antenna structure is rectangular microstrip patch which is modified by adding slotted rectangular shape with partial ground plane at the rear end is iterated using fractal geometry that exhibits more bandwidth and reduce return loss. The proposed antenna has a compact size 50×42mm2 with height 1.6mm and designed on low cost FR4 (εr = 4.3) substrate. A wider bandwidth (-10 dB) of around 3.1 – 8.25 GHz with stable radiation pattern is achieved and E-field, H-field current distributions are also examined. When compared with the existing traditional UWB antennas, the recommended antenna exhibits good characteristics, low profile and more so cost-effective. By using CST MW studio software the Proposed UWB antenna is designed and simulated to verify antenna parameters for improvements.
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Ultra - Wideband; Microstrip Patch Antenna; Wide Band Operation; Microstrip Feedline

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