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Parametric and Comparative Studies of Leaky Wave Image NRDG Antenna Designed with the Ordinary Single-Layer and the Double-Layers Rectangular Image NRD Guide

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This paper presents the results of a parametric and comparative investigation of two leaky wave antennas designed from an image nonradiative dielectric guide (iNRDG). Both antennas have the same shape, but not the same number of dielectric slabs, and operating in the Ku-band microwave frequencies. Our study is developed to improve some characteristic parameters such like the gain value and bandwidth. By setting appropriate values of the permittivity and thicknesses for the two dielectric plates, the width of frequency bandwidth can be improved twice than the ordinary single-layer nonradiative dielectric antenna. The different simulation results were compared with those in the literature using the commerce software HFSS.
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NRD (Nonradiative Dielectric Waveguide); iNRDG (Image Of Non Radiative Dielectric Waveguide); HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator); LWA (Leaky Wave Antenna)

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