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A V-Band Two Pole High-Pass Filter for Frequency Quadrupler Design

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A primary requirement for the most mm-wave active frequency multipliers is the rejection of the unwanted harmonics, mostly the nearest harmonics of the desired signal. For this purpose we propose a two pole high-pass filter structure, which will have a fundamental role in the frequency quadrupler design around 60 GHz for wireless personal area network (WPAN). In this paper, we present the design of two pole high pass filter which is characterized by a special feature to push through signals in the range of [56-64 GHz] constituting the fourth harmonic and reject the other unwanted signals. The studied filter ensures a rejection rate of the nearest signals of about 14 dB compared to the desired signal. The circuit filter is designed according to the MMIC technology (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) in PH15 process from UMS foundry using ADS software from Agilent.
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Mm-Wave Band; Two Pole High Pass Filter; MMIC Technology; Frequency Quadrupler; Technological Dispersion; Monte Carlo Analysis

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