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Ultra-Wideband Planar Monopole Antenna with WiMAX and WLAN Band Rejection Characteristics

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Investigations on the performance of dual band notched printed monopole ultra- wideband (UWB) antenna are proposed. The proposed configuration consists of a beveled ground plane with two U-slots embedded on the radiation element for realizing the dual band notch characteristics. The designed antenna can provide an impedance bandwidth from 3.1 to 11 GHz for a VSWR < 2 with two notched bands at 3.38 –3.78 GHz for WiMAX and 4.9 – 5.83GHz for WLAN. The measured VSWR band notch, radiation patterns, gains and group delay characteristics are presented.
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Beveled Ground; Dual Band Notched; Ultra Wideband; Printed Monopole; Group Delay

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