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Design and Optimization of a New Slotted Patch Antenna for RFID Applications

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In this work, a new form of patch antenna, for radio frequency identification applications (RFID) in the microwave band, is proposed. The patch, excited by a micro-strip line whose supply power port is adapted to 50 ohms, is located on a type substrate Epoxy FR-4. The radiating element and the ground plan are a PEC (Perfect Electric Conductor) with a thickness of 0.035 mm. The design, modeling and simulations were carried out by using electromagnetic simulators HFSS and CST microwave studio. The study of the proposed antenna was focused on the return loss, bandwidth, gain and directivity.
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Micro-strip; PEC; Notches; Slots; Return Loss; Gain; Directivity; HFSS; CST

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